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Every day we strive to make your new smile dazzle with white.




It is a method of filling tooth deficiencies by implanting a titanium root and then placing a crown, bridge or dentures on it. At Implantik Clinic, we guarantee the highest quality of treatment and a sense of security. We have highly specialized equipment (3D tomograph), which allows us to plan implant surgery with the highest precision.


Thanks to implants we obtain the highest quality and durability of prosthetic filling.

In the implantation service we use individual templates (3D printing method) based on

virtual implant positioning in CAD software.


We implant, among others, Straumann implants - a world leader in the field of dental implants.

In our clinic we perform implantation procedures, also under general anesthesia. Each patient receives a written treatment plan and a quality certificate.


In our Clinic, thanks to extensive experience and the latest technologies, we perform immediate implantation (one-day surgery) - the patient has an implant placed and a ready prosthetic restoration

during one visit.

The only ones in POLAND

We are the owners of the unique equipment on national and European level. As the only ones in Poland we have an integrated system for diagnosis and treatment of disorders and rehabilitation of the temporomandibular joint.


At the Implantik Clinic, you have the opportunity to have all available on the market prosthetics works done.


Modern prosthetics is one that allows application a wide range of prosthetic solutions.


We are introducing all the new and tested products from around the world.


We are a fully digitized clinic – among others, we have the most modern intraoral scanner, 3D printers.


A prosthetic laboratory is on site.

A majority of prosthetic work in our Clinic is performed in CAD / CAM technology.


At the Implantik Clinic patients receive guarantees for our prosthetic work.


We only use certified and original materials.


In our clinic we have developed an original program for occlusion reconstruction IMPLANTIK DIGITAL PROSTHETIC PROTOCOL.

You can have e.g. a crown, bridge, inlay or other permanent restoration done in one day.

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How it's working?

In all areas of our activity we are guided by the Japanese concept of "Takumi" - craft masters. We have combined the highest quality of services and the most modern world technologies with a subtle human element.

The dentistry department dealing with root canal treatment is endodontics. It involves the removal of pulp (live, dead or inflamed) from the root cavity and canals.


In our Clinic, the precise eyes and hands of our doctors as well as modern equipment shall do the best to save every tooth.


We use the latest world treatment technologies at the Implantik Clinic; including 3D microscope. We also have Carl Zeiss microscope, Endopilot Schlumbohn, Rinsendo and many others.


As a standard, we accept work in a cofferdam.


At Implantik Clinic, we also use SAF SYSTEM for root canal treatment. This is the only endodontic file in the world that adapts to the shape of the canal.


At the patient's request, we provide a written endodontic treatment plan.


The Implantik Clinic performs all procedures, even the most complicated ones in the field of dental surgery as well as extractions of all teeth, resections, hemisections, chiselling of the teeth etc. We make corrections of the mucous membrane, e.g. frenulum and soft tissue plastics.

We perform pre-prosthetic and implantological surgery.

Successful treatment procedure and selection of the optimal strategy always go hand in hand with the patient's psychological comfort, that's why we work with the best specialists in dental surgery.

All procedures are performed with the operating field asepticity.

We perform surgical procedures in ordinary, computer or general anesthesia.

Nitrous oxide is available to every patient i.e laughing gas.

For more complicated treatment, we require testing (blood count, OB, etc.)

We perform procedures under general anesthesia, where the patient is supervised by an anesthesiologist.



At the Implantik Clinic, 

thanks to properly conducted diagnostics, we can effectively plan treatment for every patient.

We have a 3D tomograph with the largest imaging field - the eye of our Clinic.

Each office is equipped with the latest RVG digital apparatus.

We begin diagnostics with an hour-long first visit during which we fill in the Patient's card in great detail. We make a 3D tomographic photo. During the first visit we also use an intra-oral camera to discuss and show all iabnormalities. We perform a saliva pH test and disclose plaque.


It is prevention and treatment of caries. Caries treatment is very important because it is crucial in maintaining a beautiful smile but also in maintaining the health of our entire body.

At Implantik Clinic, we use best quality equipment and materials to provide effective dental caries treatment. We offer light-cured fillings, light-cured glass fiber reinforced fillings, temporary light-cured fillings, caries infiltration - Icon technique.

Teeth treatment in our clinic is almost painless. We have anesthesia (ordinary and computer), inhalation sedation (laughing gas), as well as procedures in general anesthesia.

For large cavities, we make inlays, onlays and overlays. All made in the CAD / CAM system, of zirconia or other material, preceded by a tooth scan using an intraoral scanner. Thanks to this, we make the most accurate fillings.

At Implantik Clinic we also use a 3D microscope for treatment.




In our Clinic you have the opportunity to regain a beautiful smile and confidence thanks to orthodontic treatment. We are a certified Invisalign and Clear Corect clinic.

We have the Diamond status of clinical cases.

The Invisalign and Clear Corect methods straighten teeth with a set of transparent replaceable splints (aligners) customised especially for your teeth.

These methods are based on artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, treatment is absolutely under full control.

Before starting treatment, the patient has a visualization, of the final effect of the whole process, presented on the computer.

“Be yourself everyone else is already taken.”


Temporomandibular joint treatment is a very difficult area of dentition therapy. It requires special equipment, knowledge and experience.

At Implantik Clinic, we deal with ailments related to incorrect functioning of the temporomandibular joints.

We have gathered a staff consisting of doctors, dental technicians and physiotherapists specializing in the treatment of functional disorders of the masticatory system. This combination of knowledge is a prerequisite for the treatment of many disorders of the temporomandibular joint.


Common joint problems include headache, teeth grinding, popping or clicking sensations, morning muscle soreness, and tinnitus. Very wide background requires very detailed diagnostics.

We have the latest and the only system in Poland for analyzing the temporomandibular joint - FACE HUNTER and PLANE ANALYZER by Zirkonzahn.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction may have a negative effect on the patient's well-being, which is why we try to motivate to fight wrong habits.

Before starting treatment, we make a written treatment plan taking into account the treatment methods available in Implantik.


The basis of a beautiful smile are healthy teeth but also gums, which is why in our Clinic you will get professional advice from the first visit.

We offer a whole range of preventive treatments, i.e. scaling, sanding, polishing, ozonation, sealing, fluoridation, and we determine the pH of the oral cavity with dental plaque staining.

We perform treatments using STRAUMANN EMDOGAIM and collagen - for periodontal teeth.

At Implantik Clinic we carry out oral hygiene instruction combined with professional help in choosing oral hygiene products.




Computer tomograph

- The eye of our Clinic is irreplaceable during every treatment.


-This is a new era of digital imaging with extremely low radiation dose for the safety of each patient.


- The largest imaging field on the market.

-More details are better diagnosis.




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